Heavy Haul Transport Options

Do you need to haul some heavy machinery? Maybe you’ve got some equipment that has an odd shape that makes it difficult to transport? If you’ve got these heavy haul transport needs, 1st Class Auto Transport has a specific division of services that can help you out. Airplanes, crane parts, large engines, hang gliders, and other unique forms of heavy equipment can all be transported safely with our heavy haul transport option. We can even transport:

  • Kitchen equipment,
  • Travel trailers,
  • Helicopters,
  • Military trucks,
  • Generators,
  • Armored trucks,
  • Farm equipment,
  • Airport equipment, and
  • Large pipe lines.

Why Be Stuck Dealing with Delays and Permits?

The unique nature of a heavy haul transport is that it needs to be carefully timed and planned. Some communities require permits for heavy haul items to be transported through their communities. Other communities restrict heavy haul transports except for specific periods of time when they can be transported through the community. At 1st Class Auto Transport, we can take on the headache of a heavy haul transport for you so that you can rest assured that we got your item shipped to your location quickly and affordably.